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    SKM Helical Hypoid Gear

    Product Model: 649A9988

    Technical characteristics
    SKM, SKB series helical-hypoid gear reducers have a highly modular design feature. It can be combined with ordinary IEC brake, explosion-proof, frequency conversion, servo and other motors. This product is widely used in textile, food, ceramics, packaging, logistics, plastics and other transmission fields.

    Product Features
    SKM, SKB series gear reducer has a total of 4 machine models with power 0.12~4KW, speed ratio 7.73~302.5, maximum torque 100~500Nm, modular combination, can be combined in various forms to meet the needs of various transmission conditions.

    Ground-hardened helical gears;Modularity,Can be combined in many formsMade of high-quglity aluminum alloy,light inweight and nonrusting;Large in output torque,high efficiency,ene-rgysaving and environmental protection;
    The mounting dimension of SKM series arecompatible with SMRV series worm gear unit(A part of SMRV050 dimensions are differentfrom SKM28);
    The mounting dimension of SKB series arecompatible with W series worm gear unit;


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