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    UDL Speed Variator

    Product Model: 649A0025

    Brief introduction of UDL series speed variatol
    The design of UIDL Zhailie Planetary Xinpan continuously variable transmission integrates domestic and foreign investment. The product has the following main features: 1. High speed regulation accuracy, up to 0.5-1 revolution. 2. The output speed ratio can be changed from 1:1.4 to 1:7. 3. High temperature and long life.
    5. It can work continuously, and can run in the forward and reverse directions, and the operation is stable 4. The speed regulation is convenient. The surname can be stable, and the teng pronunciation is low. 6. Fully sealed, low environmental requirements. 7. Compact structure and small size. 8. Beautiful appearance and light weight. 9. Good adaptability. UDL series planetary cone disc continuously variable transmissions can be combined with various reducers to achieve low-speed stepless transmission.
    UDL series planetary disc continuously variable transmission can be widely used in food, pottery, packaging, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, papermaking, machine tools, transportation and a variety of automatic production lines, conveyor lines, assembly lines with zero speed regulation, which is an ideal partner for your machine.


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